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CREEPY: Justin Bieber’s Eyes Transform In Front Of Your Um… Eyes!

What’s going with Justin Bieber’s eyes in this video? You tell us!

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What Celebrity Said They ‘Hate Justin Bieber?’

Maybe it’s jealous, or maybe it’s because they just don’t have anything in common.  There are many celebrities that say they HATE Justin Bieber.  You won’t believe the most recent celebrity to say they can’t […]

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The Coop Show Daily Podcast (05.13.12)

HAPPY MONDAY!  If you are wondering why it’s so happy, it’s because the Red Wings move onto the next round of the NHL playoffs!  Also, we have a TON of tickets to give away this […]

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Tanning Mom Doing Porn, Justin Bieber Caught Underage Drinking, Kanye Flips Out On Photographer

Celeb choreographer Wade Robson hightails it out of L.A. after alleging Michael Jackson molested him – Wade listed his condo in and closed on it May 8.  And of corse everyone is saying, the timing isn’t coincidental.  […]

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Why Is Bieber’s Grandpa Mad?

Justin Beiber’s grandpa claims that Justin isn’t the loving little boy he once knew stating, “I wonder who on earth is looking after him”. What did Justin do this time to make grandpa mad? Grandpa […]


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Justin Bieber’s iPhone Background Will Surprise You

Justin Bieber may act as if he is over his relationship with Selena Gomez.  While it kinda looks this way, you WON’T BELIEVE what he has as his background image on his phone. has […]

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The Coop Show Daily Podcast (03.29.13)

What a way to end the week!  If you missed out on the Coop Show, you missed out on tons of tickets!  You also missed out Coop and Gillian arguing about the cutoff age of […]

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[Video] James Franco Lip Syncs Selena Gomez

Back in January, James Franco and Ashley Benson posted a video where James was lip syncing Justin Bieber.  While Justin was REALLY upset about the whole thing, they didn’t stop there!  Recently, they posted a […]

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Buck And Coop’s Daily Podcast (01.07.13)

Do you know the PERFECT cure for a case of the “Mondays?”  It’s Buck and Coop’s #CashTag!  Your chance at cash all day long, and you can find out how to play by listening to […]


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Justin Bieber Gets Some New Ink!

Justin Bieber has been very open about his tattoos in the past.  With Justin Being a role model for many young kids, he knows that he has to show that he does certain things for […]