Would You Wash Your Hair With This?

Genius or ridiculous? A company is taking their love for a special beverage to the next level. They have turned it into a shampoo and conditioner…


I Did Something Today I Never Thought I’d Do

Today I did something that I never thought I would do, but I did it…


Siri, Will You Pour Me a Beer?

The genius’ at Red Pepper Land came up with a fantastic way to get Siri to pour you a cold glass of beer, completely hands free, using Twitter, an Arduino controller and an R/C toy car.


An Edible Chocolate Website!

There is a Portuguese brewing company that has launched a new beer. Not just any beer, a chocolate flavored beer! Yes, you read that right! When the launch was complete, they unveiled the new product […]


The First Family Returns To The White House

Celebrate Father’s Day With The Best Beer, Golf And Gifts In Town

It’s almost Father’s Day, and our friends at CBS Local are breaking down the best ways to celebrate locally.  Get everything you need to make your dad feel like the greatest guy in the world.


Top 10 Beer Drinking Apps

In the spirit of New Year’s Eve this past weekend, it’s only appropriate to continue to the drinking straight into 2011. Also, after spending time with my brother-in-law over the Christmas weekend, I learned a […]


How Big is your MUG?

How big is your MUG? Get to DOOLEY’S ROSEVILLE tonight for Monster Mug night and fill it up! (click more to watch Buck Head smash some mugs)


5 Things Men Must Know

Guys are guys. If we weren’t guys, we’d be chicks. That’s just basic science. And since we are guys, we know there are certain things that we could do, should do, and have to do, like 


I Just Learned How To Read

I just got this book, and it’s pretty tight. The guy is in this is THE MAN. He just does whatever he wants!


Tigers Opening Day Block Party

I had a blast today hanging out in Grand Circus Park for Tigers Opening Day.  There was a live band, bbq, corn dogs, beer, elephant ears and alumni Tigers signing autographs.  It was cold but […]