Barbie & Ashley Graham Partner to Release First Doll Without a Thigh GapBarbie just broke another barrier with their latest release.
A Woman Spends $500,000 on Plastic Surgery To Look Like Barbie [Pics]... This is terrifying.
Barbie Unveiled A New Line Of Dolls And There's Finally Some Diversity!Check Out The New Barbie! ~ @ratandpuffshow
Barbie Gets a Complete Makeover for the First Time EverIt's been nearly 60 years since Barbie was introduced to the world, and these days, she's looking a little different!
The New ‘Human Barbie’ Looks Just Like This Famous Disney Character [PHOTO]
Barbie Debuts First-Ever Ad Starring a Boy [Watch]The world is falling in love with this little boy who is featured in a recent Barbie ad with 2 little girls.
You Need To See The Barbie Ad That Has People Talking!This is amazing!
Barbie Just Underwent A Major Change! [PHOTOS]Over five decades after she first debuted, Barbie has undergone a major change - and if we were her, we would be super relieved!
Barbie Is About To Get Much More ‘Real’ – Find Out How!The latest version of Barbie is based much more in reality.
The Jennifer Lopez Barbie Doll Has ArrivedJennifer Lopez has now been immortalized in plastic, thanks to Mattel.
Lady GaGa 'Meats' Barbie!
Janet Jackson Barbie

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