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[VIDEO] Ariana Grande Issues Video Apology For Donut Licking

So, Ariana Grande is realizing how big of a deal this whole “I hate America” and licking donuts you’re not buying thing is. Or at least I’m assuming she knows how big of a deal it is because she issues a second apology and this time put herself on video to do it.


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Ariana Grande Is Now Under Investigation For All That Donut Licking

An investigation is underway thanks to Grande “maliciously licking” those donuts.


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Ariana Grande Apologizes for Anti-American Comments

Ariana Grande is very sorry for those anti-American comments, but stays mum on why she licked the donuts.


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Ariana Grande Drops Out Of MLB All-Star Game Show After Causing Trouble At Donut Shop & Saying ‘I Hate America’

It looks like Ariana Grande’s stunt from this weekend might be causing another problem!


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Ariana Grande Kisses Guy, Licks Donut, Infuriates Internet

The donuts appear to be OK.


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Ariana Grande Causes ‘Problem’ In Donut Shop With Rumored New Boyfriend! [VIDEO]

Ariana Grande might have a new man in her life, but this particular moment wasn’t so sweet!


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Big Sean Opens Up About Split With Ariana Grande

While the “One Last Time” singer has since opened up about the split, Sean has stayed fairly quiet…until now.


gay marriage supreme court

Supreme Court Rules Gay Marriage Legal in All States – Artists React

Gay marriage is now officially legal in all 50 states. Many artists were quick to share their thoughts on social media. Read all the tweets!


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Ariana Grande To Fans After Big Sean Breakup: ‘I Don’t Belong to Anyone But Myself & Neither Do You’

Ariana Grande is taking a page from her favorite movie, ‘The First Wives Club,’ in a new essay, making it absolutely clear to everyone: you don’t own me.