Ariana Grande

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Ariana Grande’s New Perfume ‘Ari’ Smells Like What?!

The pop star has joined the likes of Beyonce, Rihanna, Britney, and Taylor Swift, with the announcement of her first fragrance.


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Ariana Grande Makes Another Bold Statement About America

And this time she makes the announcement in front of a live audience.


Ariana Grande

Donut Shop Owner IS Pressing Charges Against Ariana Grande

Yikes. The owner has some harsh words for Grande.


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Congressman: Why Did Ariana Grande Get Off Easier Than Donald Trump?

“The double-standards in this country are disgusting.”


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Demi Lovato Accused Of Throwing Shade At Ariana Grande During MLB All-Star Game Appearance

Demi Lovato’s choice of song at the MLB All-Star Game concert got people talking!


Ariana Grande

Don’t Cry for That Doughnut Shop Because Its Sales Have Tripled Since Ariana Grande Visited

And even though sales are up, the owner is not buying her apology.


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Ariana Grande Apologizes For Donut-Licking: ‘I’m 22, I’m Human, I Still Got A Lot To Learn’

Ariana’s feeling 22, but in this case, it’s not as much fun as Taylor Swift made it out to be.


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[VIDEO] Ariana Grande Issues Video Apology For Donut Licking

So, Ariana Grande is realizing how big of a deal this whole “I hate America” and licking donuts you’re not buying thing is. Or at least I’m assuming she knows how big of a deal it is because she issues a second apology and this time put herself on video to do it.


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Ariana Grande Is Now Under Investigation For All That Donut Licking

An investigation is underway thanks to Grande “maliciously licking” those donuts.


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Ariana Grande Apologizes for Anti-American Comments

Ariana Grande is very sorry for those anti-American comments, but stays mum on why she licked the donuts.