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[VIDEO] Kids React To The ‘Apple Watch’ And It’s Freakin’ Cute!

Thank God I have 2 kids because this video is so cute it’s going to make you want 39,729,872 of them. Plus, they’re talking about one of my favorite things…the “Apple Watch”.


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Here’s Why You’re Still Waiting For Your Apple Watch!

If you’re like me…you were ordering your Apple Watch at 3:01 on April 10th, the day that Apple let us pre-order. You were also, like me, expecting to get that watch on release day April 24th…as is always the way it works with Apple.


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If You Have Tattoos, You Won’t Want ‘Apple Watch’!

The new smart watch from Apple that people everywhere are freaking out over and trying to get their hands (or wrists) on has one pretty major problem.



VIDEO: Will It Blend? A Brand New Apple Watch Is Put To The Test!

Making an Apple smoothie is a great way to kill some time!

98.7 AMP Radio–04/28/2015

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This Will Make You Want An Apple Watch!

Today is the official release of the new “Apple Watch” (of course, if you didn’t pre-order one you won’t see one until mid June) and Apple just released three new commercials that have me salivating.


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Apple Finally Releases NEW Emojis For iOS 8.3 And Here’s How To Get Them!

All I want is a Nacho emoji…is that too much to ask for?

98.7 AMP Radio–04/08/2015

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WATCH: The Apple Watch Opened For The First Time [VIDEO]

If you’re a geek, dork, nerd (whatever term you want to use) like I am then you are obsessed and patiently waiting for Friday at 3am when you can start ordering your Apple Watch. Which is why I freaked out when I saw the video pop up online of the lucky few who are getting it early….opening it up.


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How Much A Stay-At-Home-Mom Should Be Making Right Now!

I love this story! This dad in Texas sat down and itemized everything his wife and stay-at-home mom to their children does. Then added a dollar value to it and came up with what a Stay-At-Home mom’s salary should be.


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Did Apple Kill the iPod Classic Too Soon?

And did they help to create an iPod black market by doing so?