Apple store

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Viral Video of the Day: Fake Apple Employee Pranks Customers in NYC

Watch as a comedian impersonates an Apple Store employee to trick shoppers!


Apple Store 2.0.mp4

Apple Stores: Brought To You By Target!

A couple of years ago, Best Buy started to carry Apple products like the iPads, and Macbooks.  And since it was so successful, Target is following suit and going to be housing Apple stores inside […]


Apple Store 2.0 Launches Today

Is Apple celebrating 10 years in retail with a super secret sale on Apple products today? The self inspired internet rumor mill is splatting speculation that today Sunday May 22, 2011 something new is coming […]


The Ultimate Messaging App

Buck Head is a Techy Geek of Geeks.  Every now and then he runs across an App that he thinks you may like.  If you have ever wanted to talk to friends across all phone […]


Ipad Pranks You Can Pull

on your friends who just dropped all of that coin on their brand new toy! Just because you don’t have/want/like the iPad doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with one anyway. Set any of […]


First Wedding In An Apple Store

Watch this happy couple say iDo as they hold their wedding ceremony in an Apple store. The expressions of the passerby peeps are hilarious!