Courtesy of Lock Screen Weather

Display Weather In iPhone Lock Screen

While the iPhone has everything, sometimes it isn’t the easiest to navigate.  One of the hardest features of the phone is to dig deep to display the weather.  Something that I always wanted was an […]


Garmin Has An App For That!

Garmin now has apps, believe it or not. If you’re looking for a head start this year on weight watching, Garmin has an app for that. The company released last week the Garmin fit app […]


35 Awesome, FREE Apps! (Part 2)

Some of you may be new to the world of the iPhone (like my mother-in-law, yay!) and some of you just may not know about some of the best free iPhone apps that are out […]


Want To Hide The Newsstand App?

So, you got the new iPhone 4s and/or upgraded to iOS 5 and you’re annoyed with this new App called the Newsstand. Rumor has it there’s a way to hide the App. Well that rumor […]


Hide Your Texts From Your Mom!

There are way too many apps out there for everyone to keep track of, and in most cases, there are more apps that provide the same service than is necessary. Some will cost you money […]


Map Draw Helps You Plan And Keep Track

There is a new map related iPad app that let’s you draw on pre-existing maps. For example, you can take a map of your neighborhood, and draw a colored line throughout the neighborhood where you […]


iPad’s Handshake App

Have you ever been to a wholesaler’s trade show? This is not the kind of trade show you’re thinking of at your local convention center. Rather, picture an aircraft-hangar sized warehouse, containing thousands of buyers […]


Words With Friends’ Impact On Your Relationships

The day I married my wife, I know there was nothing written in my vows about playing that silly little game called Words With Friends. My Wife is ADDICTED! I’ll admit, I too, have the game downloaded […]


Google+ Mac App – Finally!

If you’re one of the early adopters of Google+ (like me) and have been wishing for a native Mac app that you could use to check out your circles and swim the stream, rather than always having […]


Skip Waiting On Hold With FastCustomer!

Do you get tired of always waiting on hold when you’re on the phone for a service, an airline, your bank, etc? The list goes on and you’d be shocked by the amount of time […]