Angry Birds

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Green Day Has Their Own Angry Birds Game

Green Day is getting the Angry Birds treatment with a 10-level edition based on the band, I would love to know who came up with this great idea and why isn’t there a Angry Birds […]


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The Birds Have Launched Into Space

Today is the day I have been waiting for!  The newest Angry Birds game is finally out!  While you may have thought you have seen it all when it comes to Angry Birds, think again!  […]


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Forget Valentine’s Day – February 14 is Angry Birds Day

The days of roses and boxes of heart shaped chocolates are over!  OK, maybe not, but Valentine’s Day is getting an upgrade this year – Angry Birds style!


Get ‘Angry’ This Holiday Season!

One of the biggest sensations of the years is the smart phone game called Angry Birds.  Not only is it great to pass the time, I guess it’s great for the holidays!  Instead of just […]


Angry Birds On Facebook!

Pop quiz! What game can say they’ve conquered more than 75 million downloads? Of course, the all popular Angry Birds! It was only a matter of time before Rovio, the app and game’s debeloper, built […]


Cool Dad Makes Playable “Angry Birds” Birthday Cake

This dad shows you step by step how he constructed a playable and edible version of the the popular phone app game for his son’s birthday. His kid show you how to destroy it!


Angry Birds Valentine’s Edition

Angry Birds is definitely one of those games that has taken off in many different forms and is enjoyed by people of all ages. Most Angry Birds players know that the seasons version of the […]


Play Angry Birds Rio! You Could Win A Trip To Brazil!

During this Sunday’s Super Bowl, there will be a special ad from that game we all love to play called Angry Birds. The developer of the game, Rovio Mobile, and 20th Century Fox have teamed up […]


Want To Sling Poop? Play Angry Turds!

Angry Birds? Yes. Angry Turds? Absolutely. Who doesn’t love a little poop in their life? Just when you thought to yourself “I wish they’d make a game like Angry Birds, but with poop,” they make […]


Amazing Birthday Cake! Yes, Please!

Oh no they didn’t! Okay, so I know my birthday isn’t until October, but please, somebody please get me this cake for my birthday! You think I’m kidding? This game is the ish. This game […]