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Need To Avoid a Family Party? You Can Now Make Yourself a Hologram Using Your Smartphone!

And it’ll cost you next to nothing! Prepare to have your mind blown.


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Is The Motorola Droid 4 A Game Changer?

Billed as the anti-iPhone, the Motorola Droid made a big splash about three years ago.  Sales of the Droid where almost as massive as sales for the iPhone.  But a few years later, the Droid […]


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Are You An Android User?

I’ve heard a ton of crazy things in my life, but this is one of them. Many so called “experts” claim that many of your personal items can tell a lot about you. Some say […]


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Winter Wake Up App Gets You Up Earlier!

While most people want to get as much sleep as possible, sometimes it’s better to get up a bit earlier.  Especially on snowy and icy roads, it might take an extra 30 minutes or so […]


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Avoid The Worst Parts Of New Years Eve

New Years Eve is one of the craziest nights of the year.  So many people insist that the night before Thanksgiving is the biggest bar night of the year, but I disagree.  So, with New […]


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A Siri App For Android?

With the obvious excitement over the iPhone 4s and Siri, the virtual assistant, many Android users have been left in the dust with their sub-par voice activation programs.  But is it possible that someone put […]


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Does iPhone’s Siri Have Some Competition?

Even though Siri, the computerized “personal assistant,” may have some flaws, she still has become very popular among smart phone enthusiast.  With the heightened popularity of that type of technology, it seems like another company […]


Hide Your Texts From Your Mom!

There are way too many apps out there for everyone to keep track of, and in most cases, there are more apps that provide the same service than is necessary. Some will cost you money […]


Skip Waiting On Hold With FastCustomer!

Do you get tired of always waiting on hold when you’re on the phone for a service, an airline, your bank, etc? The list goes on and you’d be shocked by the amount of time […]