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Amanda Bynes Booking Photo

Amanda Bynes Is In Trouble Again!

A few weeks ago, child star Amanda Bynes was in trouble for a suspected DUI.  While he father came out and said she was not under the influence at all, there was speculation of a […]


Amanda Bynes Booking Photo

Terrible Celebrity Mugshot: Amanda Bynes Edition

Sometimes I feel like celebrities think that they’re above the law.  They have so much money at their disposal that they are able to hire the best attorneys, shift the system to benefit them, and […]


Amanda Bynes Nickelodeon Days

Amanda Bynes: Where Did She Go Wrong?

Amanda Bynes, the 26-year-old actress was arrested on suspicion of DUI last Friday in LA, after sideswiping a police vehicle with her car. Not only that, before and after this happened there has been multiple […]




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