Watch Akon Share Some Questionable Views about Women"I always believed that if women took the time to understand men, you literally would run the world. The only reason why men are dominant is because we know more about women than women know about men."
Akon Calls Miami Police's Beyoncé Boycott 'Childish and Petty'Police have called for a boycott to the kick off of Bey's Formation Tour.
Akon Has No Regrets About Not Signing Drake"At the time when I passed on him, he wasn't what he is today."
Snoop Dogg Posts Meme Calling Caitlyn Jenner a 'Science Project'Snoop Dogg's attempt to shine light on Akon's charitable works came at the expense of Caitlyn Jenner.
Akon Accused of Performing in Giant Bubble in Africa to Avoid EbolaTaking a page from Wayne Coyne or scared of Ebola? You decide!
3/6/14 – Most Requested #EminemAt5 Song With SlackerIt’s 5 O’clock and you know what that means! #EminemAt5 is on with Slacker!
1/20/14 – Most Requested #EminemAt5 Song With SlackerCheck out today’s most requested Em song with Slacker!
12/16/13 – Most Requested #EminemAt5 Song With Slacker
11/13/13 – Most Requested #EminemAt5 Song With Slacker
10/7/13 – Most Requested #EminemAt5 Song With Slacker
8/28/13 - Most Requested Eminemat5 Song With Slacker
7/17/13 – Most Requested #EminemAt5 Song With Slacker

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