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Madonna Trash-Talks Michigan…Again!

Well alright Madge…you don’t have to sugarcoat it!


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Dear President Obama: Please Invite Madonna to the White House

Madonna really, really wants to meet President Obama. She’ll even become one of Beyoncé’s sister-wives to do it.


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Madonna’s Pretty Disappointed with Dolce & Gabbana, Too

But it’s unclear if she plans to boycott it, like Elton John has announced he will.


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An Open Letter To Madonna About Rochester: This Is Our City, Not Yours

The fact is, Rochester remains a city of people who still continue to work for what they have.



Did Madonna Just Suggest Getting Raped in New York Was Preferable To Living In Rochester?

‘Well, have you ever been to Rochester, Michigan?’


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Madonna: ‘I Don’t Care if the Vatican Thinks I’m Catholic Material’

She’s been criticized by the Catholic church; one particular criticism still stings.


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Madonna’s Big 90’s Confession: She Hooked Up With THIS Iconic Rapper!

Madonna is still shocking us all these years later with this juicy hook-up!

98.7 AMP Radio–03/12/2015

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Has Madonna Been Banned From University Of Michigan Football Games?!

Despite her status as a former U of M student, the 56-year-old pop megastar revealed that she’s been banned from football games!


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Madonna Decries Ageism, Says We’re in a ‘Very Sexist Society’

“You can be sexy, but you can’t be smart. You can be smart, but you can’t be sexy. You can be sexy, but you can’t be 50.”