Calvin Harris

Taylor Swift (Courtesy of Big Machine)

Taylor Swift Had The Best Day Ever on a Boat with Calvin Harris & Joe Jonas

Everything is better when you’re on a boat. Even those once angry feelings you felt towards an ex who broke up with you over the phone.


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No ‘Bad Blood’ Here! Taylor Swift Goes On Double Date With One Of Her Exes [PHOTO]

It looks like there’s no ‘Bad Blood’ between Taylor Swift and THIS ex!


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Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Just Dethroned Beyonce & Jay Z!

Sorry Queen Bey & Jay, you’ve been dethroned.


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Calvin Harris Gives Girlfriend Taylor Swift A Shoutout For Her Open Letter To Apple

Many of Taylor’s supporters rejoiced with Apple’s decision, including her boyfriend and fellow artist Calvin Harris.


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Taylor Swift + Calvin Harris + Joe Jonas (Ex-Boyfriend) = Awkward!

What happens when you and your new boyfriend bump into your ex boyfriend? It’s super awkward right? You say hi and get the heck out of there! Well, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris decided to go the opposite direction and hang out with her ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas and his new girlfriend.


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[PHOTO] Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris In Bathing Suits, On A Swan

The most random, awesome and cute picture of the day award goes to Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift who took to instagram to announce their relationship officially to the world with what else? A picture of them in a gigantic pool, riding a swan.


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Taylor Swift Posts First Instagram Pic Of Calvin Harris!

Well, I’m pretty sure we can all agree that Taylor and Calvin were and are dating…but it’s the celeb world and they never come out and admit it. If you needed more convincing perhaps this picture that Taylor posted on Instagram of Calvin will seal the deal for you?


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Ellie Goulding Is Actually the One Who Set Taylor Swift Up With Calvin Harris

Ellie had one very clear reason why she thought the two would be a perfect match: they’re both very tall.


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Report: Calvin Harris Cheating On Taylor Swift!!

Uh oh…let the “poor Taylor” conversations because there are rumors flying around that Calvin Harris is not only cheating on Taylor but that she has already confronted him about the incident. The question is…how true is this rumor?


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Photobooth Pics Of Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Are Going Viral!

These two are quickly becoming the hottest couple in Hollywood!