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Tori Spelling Rushed To The Hospital

Actress Tori Spelling was rushed to the hospital after passing out at a hibachi grill at Benihana. Good news is she is OK and doing well. Kind of embarrassing though right? Of all the places to pass out…I don’t think I would ever want it to be at a restaurant while I am about to crush some delicious food (plus, you’ll be hungry later).


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Pink Shuts Down Body Shamers On Twitter Like A Champ

Pink has always been one of my favorites, she’s honest and really doesn’t care what anyone thinks (or at least that’s my perception). So, when people on Twitter started to troll her and make fun of her body image…Pink did, what Pink does best


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Justin Bieber Choked And Kicked Out Of Coachella!

Ouch. I thought he was supposed to be turning over a new leaf after his Comedy Central Roast, right? Justin Bieber was not only kicked out of Coachella over the weekend but he was put in a choke hold to be subdued.


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What Does Ed Sheeran Think Of Taylor Swift’s New Boyfriend?

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift are besties..they send each other custom/hand-made gifts, hang out constantly and even approve each others music before anyone else hears it.


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The Last Time The Tigers Were 6-0, THIS Happened!

Our Detroit Tigers are 6-0 for the first time since 1985! So, it’s safe to say…the last time the Tigers were 6-0 all of this happened:


Jimmy Fallon (Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

[VIRAL VIDEO] Jimmy Fallon Is Just Like You (Maybe Better)

I will admit, I never really was a fan of Jimmy Fallon during SNL. Since he started doing The Tonight Show I’ve began to come around. Then, I saw this now viral video of Jimmy at a Yankees game (boo!) chugging a beer.


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Arrest Warrant Issued For Justin Bieber!

We want to know what happened, right?


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Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel Are Parents (Baby Name Inside)

When you say “Justin Timberlake” I can’t help but think of that curly bleached hair that looks like a package of ramen noodles (you’ve seen that meme right?) back in the N’Sync days.


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Sandra Bullock’s Terrifying 911 Call After Home Invasion Played In Court

This is scary and awful! Sandra Bullock’s house was broken into awhile back (no one was hurt and the guy was caught) and you can hear her 911 call as she talks about the intruder being just outside the door.


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Use Uber’s Breathalyzer Kiosk For A Free Ride If You’re Drunk

Wow. On the one hand this is awesome, right? Instead of ever having to rely on someone to be a designated driver or to miss out on the “social drinking” yourself…you could just breath in to the Uber breathalyzer and get a free ride home! That’s completely awesome.