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A Grown Man Reenacts The Antics Of A Toddler & It’s Hilarious! [VIDEO]

So it might be time to throw a party and try this out for myself! ~ HaZe

98.7 AMP Radio–07/28/2014

PASCAL GUYOT / Staff Getty

Watch This Crazy Clip Of A Giraffe Escaping A Circus And Running Wild In The Streets! [VIDEO]

How crazy would it be if you saw this Giraffe running throughout the streets?

98.7 AMP Radio–07/25/2014


Recycle A Can Or Bottle In A Machine & Instantly Feed Stray Dogs & Cats! [VIDEO]

Nice work Turkey! USA your move…

98.7 AMP Radio–07/24/2014

(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Witness The Biggest Wedding Cake Fail In The History Of Wedding Cake Fails! [VIDEO]

How long do you think this marriage will last? Yikes!

98.7 AMP Radio–07/23/2014

(Peter Keegan/Keystone/Getty Images)

Confident Women Around The World Are Joining The ‘Hairy Legs Club For Women’

Yup! You heard it right! There is an official Hairy Legs Club for women on Tumblr.

98.7 AMP Radio–07/22/2014

(Ross Land/Getty Images)

This Summer Turn Your Charcoal Grill Into A Pizza Oven For Only $20! [VIDEO]

You better believe I’ll be trying this!

98.7 AMP Radio–07/22/2014

Spencer Platt / Staff Getty Images

A Lady Was Asked To Leave A Public Pool Because Her Bikini ‘Looked Like Underwear’

Was this uncalled for? I think so!

98.7 AMP Radio–07/21/2014

Sean Gallup / Staff Getty Images

A Group Of Senior Citizens Perform The BEST Cover Of Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ I’ve Ever Seen

This is AMAZING! It will definitely make you Happy!

98.7 AMP Radio–07/21/2014


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