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Celebrities React To Caitlyn Jenner On Twitter

Celebrities used the same outlet you and I did to show their love and support for Caitlyn Jenner’s “Vanity Fair” cover. You might, however be surprised at which celebrities spoke up.


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Why You Should Congratulate Iggy Azalea Today!

Iggy Azalea had some bad news last week with her entire tour being cancelled but I’m guessing today she doesn’t care about that anymore, because she just got some of the best news anyone could get in their lifetime.


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Bruce Jenner Will Appear As A Woman On ‘Vanity Fair’ Cover

It looks like we will finally get to see what the female Bruce Jenner looks like. Vanity Fair is saying that Bruce will appear as his female self on the cover of on of their upcoming magazines. Remember, in the interview with Diane Sawyer he mentioned it was the last time he would appear as “Bruce Jenner” but did not show us what the new look would look like.


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Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Expecting Second Child!

Well, I suppose we all knew this would be happening soon since Kim has been talking about having another baby all the time! The funny part is that Twitter is begging the couple to name their second child “South” (lol).


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[VIDEO] Adam Levine’s Totally Bare Butt Is In The New ‘This Summer’s Gonna Hurt’ Music Video [NSFW]

I have a feeling Adam Levine likes to take his clothes off. I also have a feeling that you like it when Adam Levine takes his clothes off. The good news is both parties are going to be pretty stoked about the new music video for Maroon 5’s “This Summers Gonna Hurt” music video.


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Report: John Mayer And Katy Perry Plan Revenge On Taylor Swift! Uh-Oh!

OK, so it’s pretty common knowledge that most people think “Bad Blood” is Taylor Swift’s song about her broken relationship with Katy Perry (If you don’t know what happened, in short Katy stole Taylor’s backup dancers). You probably already know that Taylor and John Mayer used to date…and then she wrote “Dear John” about him.


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Lindsay Lohan Did It! Are You Surprised?!

Lindsay Lohan has done it! She has completed her 125 hours of community service – now, it should be noted that she did it literally hours before the deadline, but still…it’s done!



[PICS] Jennifer Lopez Gets Confetti Bombed By A Creepy Clown!

Well this is the most terrifying thing I’ve read all day…a creepy clown named “Richie The Barber” confetti bombed J-LO at LAX yesterday. (Is it me or is even creepier that his name is “Richie The Barber”) Jennifer Lopez took it like a champ and even tweeted out the pic.


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Celebs That Married ‘The Other Woman’!

In Touch Weekly put together an article about the top 7 celebs that married their mistresses (aka – the women they were cheating on their significant others with). I’ll be honest, I knew one or two of them but was definitely surprised by the rest, you have to see this list.


(Larry Busacca/Getty Images)

You Won’t Believe What Taylor Swift Says Is The Hardest Part About Being Taylor Swift.

We’ve watched her go from a 15 year old country singer to the worlds biggest pop star and along the way she’s had some awful boyfriends and pretty public break ups. It must be hard, right? I couldn’t imagine how hard it would be, but now Taylor is speaking out.