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Shocking! A Major Cast Member From ‘The Simpsons’ Is Leaving The Show!

Even if you have never seen a single episode of The Simpsons this will probably still shock you. One of the shows main characters was shockingly fired this week and will no longer appear on the show.



Why Johnny Depp’s Dogs Could Be Euthanized By This Weekend

Johnny Depp is in Australia filming the fifth version of Pirates Of The Caribbean, but he made one gigantic mistake when he flew over for the shoot that could have huge consequences!


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Justin Bieber Details His ‘Ideal Girlfriend’

In a new interview with Seventeen Magazine, Justin Bieber not only talks about his “Bad Boy” days but was asked about what his perfect girlfriend would be like.


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Report: Celebrity Cheating Scandal! You Won’t Believe Who The Repeat Offender Is!

A high profile celebrity couple is under the spotlight today, they recently broke up and cited that it was a “mutual” break up and their “hectic schedules” wouldn’t allow them to stay together.


Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images for Sony Pictures Entertainment

Everything You Need To Know For Kevin Hart This Weekend At The Palace

Here’s everything you need to know before seeing the hilarious, Kevin Hart this weekend at The Palace of Auburn Hills (If you want to buy tickets you can get them HERE:


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Noah Galloway Proposes Live On ‘Dancing With The Stars’!

If you’re a fan of Dancing With The Stars, or heck just a fan of a romantic proposal, then you’re going to love this.


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Kanye West Is Now A Doctor, Seriously.

Kanye West received the honorary doctorate at The School of Art in Chicago. Is it weird to anyone else that he had an album called “College Dropout”, I’m just saying.



Teen With Autism And Her Family Kicked Off A Flight

This is extremely important to me. This is why it’s incredibly important to raise awareness of Autism and why I put the Autism Alliance of Michigan on my top list of priorities.


(Monika Fellner/Getty Images)

You Won’t Believe What Lindsay Lohan Is Doing At A Preschool!

Lindsay Lohan is supposed to begin her community service this week and to make it a little awkward it will be at a Brooklyn area preschool. Can you imagine looking at your window while you color and finer paint and see Lindsay Lohan picking up trash?


(Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for DuJour Magazine)

Kylie Jenner Responds To Her Inappropriate Snapchat!

Last week I told you that Kylie Jenner posted a snap with the quote “High As F***” (get that story here). Well, it looks like she is addressing it and attempting to clear up any confusion this week.