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The 20 Detroit Commandments – Are You A Real Detroiter?

Check out this list of the Top 20 Commandments that every Detroiter must follow!

98.7 AMP Radio–06/09/2014

Trader Joe's Salmon Burger

Gillian’s Obsession: The Secrets Of Trader Joe’s!

Sooo like most people I am completely OBSESSED with Trader Joe’s. It is by far my favorite place to do my grocery shopping for a few reasons…


Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Katy Perry To Write About John Mayer & Harry Styles Naked Pic Tweeted Out

Move over, Taylor Swift! In her new interview with Cosmopolitan, Katy Perry reveals that she plans to write about her ex-boyfriend John Mayer on her next album.

98.7 AMP Radio–06/04/2014

Gillian’s Obsession: Best Guacamole Recipe of All Time!

Whenever I ask what I can bring to a BBQ, I’m always told…’YOUR GUACAMOLE!!!’

98.7 AMP Radio–06/02/2014


Teacher Of The Year: Neb Stojkovic

We got the chance to sit down and talk to an amazing guy named Neb Stojkovic. Neb is a math teacher and track coach at Walled Lake Central High School and was recently featured on [...]

98.7 AMP Radio–05/30/2014

( VALERY HACHE/AFP/Getty Images)

[Video] One Direction Smoking Pot & Jessica Simpson Post-Baby Bikini Photo!

A video HAS SURAFCED of One Direction members Zayn Malik and Louie Tomlinson allegedly smoking a joint.

98.7 AMP Radio–05/28/2014

(Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Billboard Music Awards Recap From The Coop Show

If you watched the Billboard Music Awards last night, a lot of interesting things happened.

98.7 AMP Radio–05/19/2014

Gillian's New Baby Pedro!

Gillian’s Obsession: Midwest Small Breed Rescue

The Detroit Zoo does this amazing event every year where they team up with and Michigan Humane Society, in collaboration with more than 20 local animal welfare organizations called Meet Your Best Friend at the [...]

98.7 AMP Radio–05/18/2014

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Cat Saves Boy From Vicious Dog (Video)

Check out this INSANE video of a cat saving it’s owner from a vicious dog.      

98.7 AMP Radio–05/15/2014

(Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Who Will Win American Idol This Year?

So who do you think is going to win ‘American Idol’ this year?

98.7 AMP Radio–05/15/2014