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Teen With Autism And Her Family Kicked Off A Flight

This is extremely important to me. This is why it’s incredibly important to raise awareness of Autism and why I put the Autism Alliance of Michigan on my top list of priorities.


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You Won’t Believe What Lindsay Lohan Is Doing At A Preschool!

Lindsay Lohan is supposed to begin her community service this week and to make it a little awkward it will be at a Brooklyn area preschool. Can you imagine looking at your window while you color and finer paint and see Lindsay Lohan picking up trash?


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Kylie Jenner Responds To Her Inappropriate Snapchat!

Last week I told you that Kylie Jenner posted a snap with the quote “High As F***” (get that story here). Well, it looks like she is addressing it and attempting to clear up any confusion this week.


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The Extremely Honest Map Of Michigan!

You’ll either love this or be offended, but that’s what makes it so great!


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Tom Brady Responds To Reports That He ‘Probably’ Was Involved In #Deflategate

Tom Brady is in some trouble this week after the report from the NFL came out that he most likely was involved with deflating the footballs before one of their playoff games (which of course led to a SuperBowl win). He had a speaking event scheduled at a college in Massachusetts yesterday and of course was asked about the reports.


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Which ‘Friends’ Star Will Be In The ‘Mean Girls’ Sequel?!

You may not know this about me, but I’m a “Friends” freak. Not only did I watch every single episode when it was on TV still, but I own the box set and have probably re-watched the entire series about 5 times (no joke).


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You Won’t Believe What Kylie Jenner Got Caught Doing On Snapchat!

Kylie Jenner is just all over the place this week! This time, it’s her Snapchat video that has people talking. No, it has nothing to do with her lips, her clothing or her selfies in any way. The video is all about WHAT she is doing.


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[VIDEO] Magic Mike XXL Trailer Is HERE!

You’re welcome ladies – today is the day you get to see the official trailer for the sequel to “Magic Mike” appropriately named “Magic Mike XXL” (haha, because it’s bigger, get it?)


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Andy Cohen Reveals He Slept With This N’Sync Star!

Andy Cohen, who hosts the show “Watch What Happens Live!” revealed yesterday that he hooked up with one of the stars of N’Sync. Can you guess which one?!


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Kim Kardashian Was Called WHAT During Her Book Signing?!

I told you yesterday that Kim Kardashian is doing a book signing in New York City (and she isn’t allowing any selfies). Today, after one of her stops to sign her new book…she’s being called a…