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Gillian’s Long Story Short: #WeirdAlienGuy

So I downloaded the dating app Tinder a few weeks ago to potentially meet some new guys since all I’ve been meeting are losers lately… Anyways, I started talking to this guy Brandon. He seemed [...]

98.7 AMP Radio–04/03/2014

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Miley Exposes Breast And Kim Kardashian Attacked By An Elephant!?

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Did ‘Teen Mom’ Star Farrah Abraham Get Another New Face?

Farrah Abraham has basically been in hiding by her standards. She’s had no Keeks or new selfies in seven days straight! But alas, she’s just started posting some photos again these past few days….


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Matt Stafford Reportedly Engaged! #MassiveRock

Detroit Lions Quarterback Matt Stafford just put MASSIVE ring on it. The football player seemingly proposed to longtime girlfriend Kelly Hall and then took her for ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery. Of course she Instagrammed the ring [...]

98.7 AMP Radio–04/01/2014

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New Cool Idea: Pedal-Powered Beer

Last week, we got the chance to talk to Aaron and Shawn of the locally owned Windmill Pointe Brewing Company. They came up with a very cool and eco-friendly way of brewing beer. It’s something [...]

98.7 AMP Radio–03/30/2014

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Joey Neutron’s 30 Second Movie Review

Every Friday at 8:20, the new guy Joey Neutron will do his 30 second movie review, where he’ll go over the hottest movie of the week. But to make things a little more interesting, Joey is going to [...]

98.7 AMP Radio–03/30/2014

Spring mani by @algaeveronica

Gillian’s Obsession: Nail Art By @Algaeveronica

I’m one of those people who just doesn’t feel complete unless my nails are painted. It’s not a “high maintenance” thing…it’s more of a “I have man-hands unless they are painted” thing.


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Joey Neutron’s 30 Second Movie Review

Every Friday at 7:50, Joey Neutron will do his 30 second movie review, where he is going to go over the hottest movie of the week.

98.7 AMP Radio–03/24/2014

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Psychic Kristy Robinett Tells Us About Passengers On Flight 370

This morning, we talked to Kristy Robinett, a psychic medium and author from Plymouth, about the missing Malaysian flight.

98.7 AMP Radio–03/20/2014

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Oprah To Partner With Starbucks And Teavana On New Venture!

Many have wondered through the years where exactly TV personality/businesswoman Oprah Winfrey gets all of her energy, and now, we may all be able to get a taste of it for ourselves!

98.7 AMP Radio–03/20/2014