The Power Rangers Reboot Trailer is HERE!!! [VIDEO]Go-Go Power Rangers!
TERRIFYING: Alligator Jumps On a Boat During Facebook LiveCan you imagine?!
Ellen DeGeneres Breaks People's Choice Awards RecordComin' in for her 20th win!
We Found The Doorway To Hell !?!Burning for 46 years straight!!??
The Horror Film that Made People Pass Out - Watch The TrailerJust a little taste for ya.
Ben Affleck's Intimate TSA Pat Down [VIDEO]The TSA got all up in Ben's business.
Monkeys and Deer Doing It! ...Yes Really (Video)For the first time in history we have documented two different spieces are having consensual sex
Man Hires 50 Strippers To Dance on Jeeps at Father's Funeral Precession [Video]It was his dying wish.
Video: Penguins Show Us How NOT to Slip on IceTurns out we can learn from the little guys.
A Kardashian May Be Going to Prom With a Fan [VIDEO]It'd be her first prom, too!
Epic BBC Newscaster FAIL! MUST SEE VIDEO!I dare you not so laugh!
Meryl Streep's 2017 Golden Globes Speech [VIDEO]She is throwin' some serious shade...

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