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Alex Trebek Trying To Break Into The Rap Scene?!

Send him off to the rap battles, he’s ready!


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Julia Roberts Goes Vigilante in ‘Secret in Their Eyes’ Trailer: Watch

The trailer shows Jess and Ray finding her daughter’s body in a dumpster, capturing her soul-breaking emotional reaction.


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WATCH: NYC Pride Parade Shows Police Officer Busting A Move!

Kudos to the officer in the video for busting a move!

98.7 AMP Radio–06/30/2015

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Grandma and Grandpa Get Down For The Tigers!

Work those hip replacements!


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Watch These Grandmas Define Today’s Slang in This Hilarious Video

“Shade means sunglasses… shade is a pimp.” “Turnt… like I turnt around. Turnt around the corner.”