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Selena Gomez Releases First Statement Since Leaving Rehab

Read the singer’s first message to fans since leaving treatment.


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Video of Justin Bieber’s Booking Released Online

Matters just keep getting worse for 19-year-old Justin Bieber.


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Gwen Stefani Blasted After Calling Herself ‘Chunky’ In Old Photo

When Gwen Stefani took to Twitter on Sunday to post a seemingly innocent throwback photo, the situation quickly took a turn for the worse.


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Petition to Deport Justin Bieber Now Eligible for Response from Obama Administration

The petition, which asks for Justin Bieber’s green card to be revoked, has earned enough signatures to warrant a response the Obama administration. So what do you say Mr. President?


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Sara Bareilles Allegedly Fires Manager After Public Fight with The Osbournes

Sara Bareilles has reportedly fired her manager Jordan Feldstein, but it’s not because she didn’t take home any Grammy awards on Sunday!


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The 8 Feels You Experience While Watching Budweiser’s Super Bowl Commercial

Budweiser’s Super Bowl commercial for this year is chock-full of so many feels, we felt inclined to break them down for you (or maybe just for ourselves.)


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Listen to Drake Sing in Spanish in New Bi-Lingual Duet!

Check out Drake’s new duet with Bachata singer, Romeo Santos.


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Watch Vin Diesel Spend 7-Minutes Dancing to Beyoncé

When you hear that there’s a video of ‘Fast and Furious’ star Vin Diesel dancing along to Katy Perry and Beyoncé on the Internet, it would be safe to assume that it wasn’t by his choosing. But alas, Diesel willingly released the clip.


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Video of the Week – Man Surprises Fiancé With Long-Lost Childhood Friend

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start scrambling to figure out the perfect present for your significant other. Unless you’re this guy…who’s already got his gift-giving bases covered.