Pics: Naked Orlando Bloom on Vacation with Katy PerryWhen you're Orlando Bloom, you don't need a bathing suit.
Zayn Malik's New Lightsaber Tattoo Glows In the Dark?!See Zayn's tattoo light up!
WTF? Nivea Seagull POOPS Sunscreen on Kids?!Yes, you read that right. And there's video.
Update: Pokemon Company Addresses Privacy ConcernsThey SAY they never had access to your personal stuff....
Snapchat Changes are Coming!Snapchat has announced two BIG changes that will be coming over the next month.
Google's Top Searches Of 2015 Revealed!
Know Anyone That Can Use "The Wake Up Machine" ??? #ViralSeriously, who has the hardest time getting up?! Well, meet the "Wake Up Machine"!
[Exclusive] Taylor Swift Talks Writing About Exes And Her First Pop Album With The Coop Show!This morning, The Coop show was lucky enough to talk to Taylor Swift!
Renee Zellweger Speaks Out About Her New Look!The 45-year-old Academy Award winner has spoken out about her new look
Snoop And Iggy Get Into A Social Media BrawlSo Snoop Dogg and Iggy Azalea got INTO IT yesterday on Twitter and Instagram!
Mila And Ashton Reveal Daughter's Name And Tease First Pic!Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have finally shared new pics of their brand new baby girl and her name!
Big Sean Opens Up About Ariana Grande & Ex Naya RiveraBig Sean finally talked about his current girlfriend Ariana Grande ANNND his ex-fiancée Naya Rivera during a Friday interview!

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