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Roxanne’s Top 10 Favorite Lil Wayne Videos

The music industry and music fans are still worried about Lil Wayne. He’s recovering from some serious seizures that happened late last week. The good news is, Lil Wayne was finally released from the hospital […]

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Top 10 Weirdest Things Removed From People’s Stomachs

Remember growing up and being curious what everything tasted like… just me? Don’t lie, I’m sure you have a story about eating something weird as a child. One time I ate Play-Doh and look I […]

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TOP TEN : St. Patrick’s Day Drinks !

1. Green Machine Punch This recipe will serve several people: 1 bottle vodka, one 12 ounce can of frozen limeade concentrate, ½ gallon lemon sherbet, and ½ gallon lime sherbet. Dissolve the concentrate into the […]

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Roxanne’s Top Ten Irish Singers & Songs For St. Patricks Day!

St. Patricks Day is coming up, and even if you’re not Irish everyone loves to pretend they are on St. Patty’s Day! I happen to be a proud Irish, Italian and German girl! My Grandmother […]

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TOP TEN: Spring Break Destinations

Huffington Post came out with a list of the top ten Spring Break destinations and here is what they came up with! 1) Cancun, Mexico 2) Punta Cana, Dominican Republic 3) Miami (South Beach) 4) […]

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Ten Hit Songs Originally Meant For Other Singers

There are so many hit records that might not of been hits if they were recorded by other artist. Here’s TEN hit songs that might not of been! One of Rihanna’s biggest records and video […]

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Roxanne’s Top Ten Fashion Trends For Spring!

It’s been a long winter, and I am so ready to ditch the coats! The fashion trends for spring are so fun!! Pick up one or two of these very wearable trends and you’ll be […]

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TOP TEN : Most Valuable Actors

10. John Travolta Total film gross: $4.3 billion Average film gross: $99.7 million Films: 43 Top grossing film: “Grease” Acting Oscars: 0 9. Clint Eastwood Total film gross: $4.3 billion Average film gross: $93.3 million […]

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TOP TEN : Least Sexy Actresses recently did a poll to find the least sexy Hollywood actresses and these are the top ten! 1. Kristen Stewart 2. Sarah Jessica Parker 3. Lindsay Lohan 4. Denise Richards 5. Kirsten Dunst 6. […]

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