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An iPhone With A Catch

Buck and Coop are huge fans of the Apple iPhone.  Not only is it a cool gadget, but it is something that helps them keep track of their everyday lives.  This holiday season, a 13 […]


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So Does Instagram Now Have The Right To Sell Your Photos?

Get ready, Instagram users – those filtered photos of your lattes might have just become public property. The social networking site recently changed their privacy settings which caused an outrage from users. In the update, […]



Slacker Can’t Stop Playing With His New Moga Mobile Game Controller

So I already got myself a Christmas gift. It’s called MOGA and I’m addicted! MOGA transforms your Android into a Mobile Gaming Machine. It taps the power of the phones and tablets that you already […]



This Guy Used A Batman Line To Break-Up With His Girlfriend Via Text

It’s just a part of life. We all look to find love, the perfect soul mate to complement us. Sometimes it works out great and you find a best friend for life and well other […]


Apple Introduces iPhone 5

Buck And Coop’s 10 ‘Must Have’ Apps

There are so many cools apps out for smart phones right now, you could literally spend hours downloading and playing with them, only to really keep just a few.  You probably have the Facebook app downloaded on […]


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Facebook’s New Service Automatically Uploads Your Phone Pics… Problem?

Facebook is encouraging users to allow it to automatically synchronize photos from their mobile devices to the social networks servers. The social network on Friday began asking users of its mobile apps to activate its […]


General Motors Chief Akerson Addresses Annual Shareholders Meeting

GM Says Siri Will Speak To You In A Chevy By Next Year

GM announced plans to integrate Apple’s Siri into three of its new Chevrolet models starting early next year. Customers with an iPhone running iOS 6 will be able to sync their phones through Bluetooth in […]



Buck And Coop Play iPhone 5 Versus

Buck and Coop recently gave out a bunch of free iPhone 5‘s before you could buy them. But as of today, the iPhone 5 was officially released to the general public! The phone has caused […]



$5.9 Billion Spent Fixing iPhones!

If you have ever owned an iPhone then you probably have broken one also.  I can think, off the top of my head, 3 different times I have broken an iPhone! Actually the iPhone 4s […]