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Now Is The Worst Time To Buy An iPhone

In the market for a new iPhone? WAIT! Now is the worst time to purchase one. You’re probably well aware by now, but in case you aren’t, here’s the PSA: iPhone-land is about to get […]

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The 9 Absolute Worst Times For Your Phone To Die

Don’t you hate it when you go to use your phone and… BAM! The phone dies and there’s not a charger in site? Here are 9 different scenarios of when you wish a charger for your […]

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The 3 Most Popular Keys On Your Keyboard

These are the three most popular keys on a keyboard, according to Microsoft’s Senior Product Marketing Manger for Hardware Suneel Goud. Third most popular… The “backspace” key.  Second most popular is… The letter “e”. The number […]

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Reggie Bush Shirtless In New Samsung Commercial

Not sure if you are more excited for the new Samsung Galaxy S4 Active or to see new Detroit Lions running back with his shirt off? Good news you get both! Samsung has designed the […]

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New Smartphone App Allows Bouncers To Find Fake ID’s

Remember when you weren’t 21 and you tried to sneak into a bar with your friends? Those days are over now, and the new generation of underage kids won’t be able to experience that. Now […]

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Urine-Powered Cell Phones?

Researchers have come up with a way to charge cellphones with urine. The process involves jars of human urine that are attached to a series of cylinders which contain microbial fuel cells. The urine runs […]

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Guy Who Sells Fake Twitter Accounts Makes $128,000 In 10 Months

A guy who operates a “fake follower” business raked in $128,000 in profits in the last 10 months. James Clegg’s done so well in this business, he quit his day job as an accountant. He […]

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Guy Has Speakers Implants So He Can Listen To Music All The Time

A music fan is done headphones after having small magnet ‘speakers’ implanted directly into his ears. The Nevada man is a ‘bodyhacker’ which is a person who experiments with surgical implants.  In his latest stunt, […]

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Detroit Couple Writes Erotic E-Novels To Save Their Home

If you lost your job and were struggling to pay bills, what would you do? A Detroit couple decided to hole up in their basement and co-author their own “Fifty Shades of Grey”-like book after […]

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