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Love Story In The Works For Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt!

If someone asked me “Who are your favorite male and female actors” I would immediately come back with Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence so, to say I’m stoked about this is an understatement!


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‘Pitch Perfect 3′ Will Keep Two Of Your Favorite Stars!

Pitch Perfect 3 has been confirmed and is already in the planning process. The big question a lot of fans had was “Who is coming back?”


Chris Pratt Jurassic World

Jurassic World Is Already Destroying The Box Office!

Wow, it looks like Jurassic World is going to be one of, if not the absolute hottest movie of the summer. It’s already bringing in estimates of 125 million at the box office.


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Celebs That Married ‘The Other Woman’!

In Touch Weekly put together an article about the top 7 celebs that married their mistresses (aka – the women they were cheating on their significant others with). I’ll be honest, I knew one or two of them but was definitely surprised by the rest, you have to see this list.


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How You Can See Entourage Before Anyone Else, Go To Michigan Adventures And Win $350 Today!

OK, I have your attention now, right? It’s all happening before 10am this morning and here’s how you can win each of those awesome goodies: