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Best Halloween Prank Ever!

Youtube sensation Rahat has done it again! You might know him from the invisible person drive thru pranks. This time he has come up with a clever prank involving a spider. At the end of […]

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Pushup Bra For Men

Good news for those guys who enjoy super tight-fitted t-shirts. A new “muscle-enhancing” top by U.K.-based gives guys who haven’t worked out in awhile a chance to compete with the gym rats. The shirt […]

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Betty White Spoofs Miley’s “Wrecking Ball”

She’s 91 years old and she still finds ways to keep us LOL’ing . Betty White parodies Miley  in a new promo for “Betty White’s Off Their Rockers.” SEE VIDEO BELOW

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Ke$ha Electrocutes Herself Doing What!?

Pop star Kesha’s bizarre stage antics almost led to an emergency dash to the hospital during a recent show when she electrocuted herself with a power tool. Sparks fly when the Die Young singer grinds […]

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17 Of The Most Disturbing Halloween Costumes

Halloween is only a couple of weeks away. Cray cray I know! The peeps at College Candy have come up with some of the strangest Halloween costumes I have ever seen. Beware some are REALLY […]


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Did Miley Cyrus Lick Off All Of Her Face Make Up?

I know, I know… The Miley Cyrus headlines are probably getting annoying for most of you. Although, but I saw this headline and had click on it. We all know what Miley’s tongue looks like […]

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Macklemore Prank Calls Ticket Scalper Who Calls Him A “2 Hit Wonder”

Kudos to Macklemore for having a legit sense of humor! He recently tracked down a scalper on craigslist, faked a british accent and made fun of his own hair & being a “two hit wonder”. […]

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What’s Going On In This Picture Of Ariana Grande?

So a few weeks ago Ariana Grande posted an Instagram pic of herself and the internet. As always she look beautiful, but then some of her fans started jumping to conclusions when they spotted something in the background…

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The ‘Indiana Jones’ Boulder Chase Scene Recreated In Real Life

This wins the internet for the day. Youtube sensation “Improv Everywhere” recreated the iconic boulder chase scene from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark in New York City’s Central Park. WATCH BELOW

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