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The Only Train Collision You’re Allowed To Laugh At

So many questions to ask here… (A) Why is there a car parked on the train tracks? (B) Where are the breaks on this mini train? (C) How did they explain this to the insurance […]

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Cast Of Full House Reunite For Super Bowl Ad

Former TGIF Full House stars John Stamos, Dave Coulier & Bob Saget reunite for a commercial that will play during the Super Bowl!

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What If One Direction Were Bald?

So what if Harry and the boys from 1D had no hair? I came across these pics earlier today and they are flippin hilarious! Bald Niall & Louis are definitely creepy! CHECK OUT THE PICS […]

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Wings Fan Attempts A Photobomb But FAILS

  A Wings fan attempting to photobomb Fox Detroit’s Jennifer Hammond got his comeuppance when he slipped on some ice during the live broadcast at the Winter Classic yesterday!

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VIDEO: Best News Bloopers Of 2013

Every year the news media tends to keep us entertained when they screw up and WE LOVE IT! There is just something about being in the spot light on live T.V. and blowing it in […]

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Paris Hilton Claims She Is One Of The Top 5 DJS In The World

Caught outside the Los Angeles Airport, a paparazzi reporter threw a few questions to Paris about her DJ “career”. She talks about Ibiza and how she’s booked to DJ the smallest bar in Vegas on […]

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Justin Bieber Gets Roasted At The Laugh Factory In L.A.

Chris D’Elia took the stage at the Laugh Factory in L.A. the other night and invited the Bieb’s onto the stage for a little roast session. Bieber seemed to be a good sport about it […]

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Kmart Ship My Pants Meets Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

Remember Kmart’s hilarious “Ship My Pants” commercial that went viral earlier this year? Well, the store is at it again with a special holiday sequel called “Ship My Trousers.” The ad plays on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and […]

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Condom Commercial Banned In Australia

A TV ad in Australia has been banned! Well not just any ad, a commercial ad. Sure, it’s probably a little intense, but I think it is hilarious! What are your thoughts? It kinda made […]

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