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Here Are 7 Psychology Tricks On How To Influence People To Give You Exactly What You Want!

The question: ‘How do we get what we want?’ The answer: Psychology!

98.7 AMP Radio–11/04/2014

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Take Identical Twins, Give One of Them Gum…And Watch What Happens Next!

Here’s something to chew on…

98.7 AMP Radio–06/24/2014

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Soldier Returning Home Surprises His Sister On Her Wedding Day (VIDEO)

Proof there’s still good in the world!

98.7 AMP Radio–05/22/2014


What Your Favorite Coffee Drink Says About Your Personality

‘If you’re a cappuccino drinker, you’re probably creative, and if you take your coffee black, you’re likely very straightforward’

98.7 AMP Radio–04/28/2014