She Was So Excited About A Band, She Got a Hammer Stuck in her MouthYes, you read that right. Full pic in article.
A Cyclist Stopped In The Middle Of A Race To Drop A DeuceA Dutch Cyclist Was LEADING A Race Until... ~ @RatAndPuffShow
Guy Cracks Open A 9-Year-Old Easter Egg
GAH! Cat Has SNAKE Stuck In Its NOSE!!!! (Video)Don't worry, there's a happy ending...well at least for the one we care about.
Wait WHAT?! You'll Never Guess What Demi Lovato Shoves Up Her Nose To Stay Warm!Is this even a thing?
Gargling Up Close In Slow Motion Is Super Weird [VIDEO]
DISTURBING: Elevator Starts Pouring Blood On Cruise Ship [VIDEO]This looks like something right out of 'The Shining'!
Here's The Top Celebrity Moments Of 2015!There have been a lot of memorable celebrity moments in 2015, so we've rounded up some of the biggest headlines!
Chipotle Has More E. Coli Outbreaks: See What States Are AffectedCan we just enjoy a burrito in peace?!
SCARY: FDA Admits That There Is Cancer-Causing Arsenic In THIS Food!If this doesn't make you want to eat organic, we don't know what will?!
MUST SEE: 25-Year-Old Blackhead Removal [VIDEO]Gross!!
Doctor Removes Disgusting Booger from Inside Man's Nose [VIDEO]Ewww!!!!

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