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Hilary Duff Admits She’d Do WHAT For a Hot Guy?!

During a segment of “The Impossible Question” on the Grace Helbig show, Duff was faced with the ultimate would-you-rather.



WATCH: Puppy with Hiccups is The Cutest Thing You’ll Ever See!

Meet Buck. He’s a eight week old Heeler and this is the first time he’s ever had the hiccups. To be honest I didn’t even know dogs could get hiccups, I thought you got them […]

98.7 AMP Radio–05/01/2015

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Jake Gyllenhaal Does What on a First Date and Was in a Boyband? [Video]

Jake reveals some hilarious secrets in an interview with Ellen!


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A Fan’s Proposal To Kylie Jenner Made It Really Difficult To Refuse!

When you’re Kylie Jenner, diamonds come at a dime a dozen, so a fan had to step his game up!


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[VIDEO] Taylor Swift Argues With A Goat And It’s Hilarious!

Yes, you read that headline correctly…it’s a super funny new video from Taylor Swift where she argues with a goat. Yep, and it’s a must see today.


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Mila Kunis Being Sued For Stealing A Pet Chicken

Seriously, I never imagined I would ever type those words into a sentence before.


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[VIDEO] Senator’s Phone Plays ‘Let It Go’ During A Hearing

LOL!! So it was one of those hearings that you pass by on CSPAN most likely, with a bunch of politicians talking about a bunch of legal stuff. Very stuffy, you get the picture.