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O.M.G. Cheese Stuffed Doritos Are A Real Thing!


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Secret Drinks At Starbucks You Should Try!


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Watch This Model Eat A Chanel Handbag On The Subway


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5 Foods You May Have Thought Were Healthy, But Aren’t

Trail Mix!!! NOOOOOOoOooOO!

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How To Make Ice Cream From Snow

Make your own ice cream with snow and 3 simple ingredients! You’ll have vanilla ice cream in minutes!


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“Death Wish Coffee” The Worlds Strongest Coffee

If the normal cup of Joe isn’t doing it for you caffeine wise, you might want to order a bag of “Death Wish Coffee”. The owner claims it’s twice as strong as a cup of […]

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How To Get Huge Portions At Chipotle For Free!

If you are a huge fan of Chipotle, like I am, and are sometimes disappointed with how much you get in your burrito, or in my case burrito bowl… I have great news for you. […]

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Fast Food Joint Threatens To Kick Out Students Having A “Classy Dinner”

McDonald’s and the word “classy” is a total oxymoron, but a couple of teenagers attempted to create lavishness out of a meal at a McDonald’s and were close to getting kicked out for doing so. […]

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Chobani Recalls Greek Yogurt Cups With Mold!

I guess I’m going to be starving today! Chobani Greek Yogurts are my daily lunch here at work. It’s all I have time to grab in the morning before I head out. Chobani the popular […]

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