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Students Participate In Their School's Final Year Prom Dance

School Ruling Prevents Student From Attending Prom Solo

For many students, prom is the most anticipated night of their high school career. But the dream of partying with classmates is turning into a nightmare for a student who wants to go to the […]


Facebook To Acquire Photosharing Site Instagram For One Billion Dollars

Is It OK To Break Up Over Facebook?

We were walking the halls earlier this morning when we ran into a coworker what was a bit upset.  She actually was mad at her now ex-boyfriend because he broke up with her over Facebook! […]


Alex's Lemonade Stand Raises Money For Pediatric Cancer Research

Six Year Old Raises $10,000 to Battle Dad’s Cancer… at a Lemonade Stand?

Cancer is a terrible disease that strips millions of their loved ones, dignity, and even their lives, and leaves survivors straddled down with tons of medical expenses.   So when six year old Drew Cox […]



Would You Do This For A Red Wings Stanley Cup?

Many pro athletes are superstitious.  Through the season, many players do things before each game that they think helps them win.  Hockey players are just as superstitious as other athletes.  Many wear the same clothes […]



Prepare Yourself For Buck And Coop In The Mornings!

April 9, 2012 marks the start of something new at 98.7 AMP Radio.  Buck and Coop are coming to take over mornings, and they are more than ready to have fun with you.  They have been […]


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Use Facebook To Create Enemies, Not Friends

One of the jokes about Facebook is how many of the users have people in their friends list that they don’t even know. While someone may be 20 friends in real life, their friends list counts off over 500 friends. There is a new app out there to help combat that and help you make enemies, not friends!


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Facebook Adds 42 Foot QR Code To Roof

During a recent “hackathon” event at Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg wanted to do something different. Facebook just moved into their new headquarters at 1 Hacker Way, and Mark called for a “space hackathon.” He wanted to decorate the new place to show off what they had accomplished. A few goofy ideas, and a couple cans of paint later, they have a brand new design that can be seen from space!



Warped Tour “Battle Of The Bands”

I was scrolling through Facebook which I do a lot, probably way more then I should but I can’t help it when I get bored I go on Facebook. Anyways I was scrolling through my […]



One Tweet Can Make A Difference

Twitter is a powerful device. Just by sending one Tweet, you can brighten up someones day, or even make them a star. And thanks to Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen is more famous than should could have imagined!