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R.I.P. Jenni Rivera

Why is it that when singers are peaking in their career they die…. and often in plane crashes.  On Sunday Twitter was flooded with emotions when news traveled that Mexican singer Jenni Rivera, 43, died […]


Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears

Ndamukong Suh Named NFL’s Dirtiest Player Again

Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh was voted the NFL’s dirtiest player for the second year in a row. The Sporting News surveyed 103 NFL players and Suh received 32 votes topping the list. Do […]


O.J. Simpson Sentenced In Kidnapping, Robbery Trial

Rumor: OJ Simpson Trying To Sell Knife He Used For $5 Million

I know this is a rumor, but I sure hope it’s not true. The rumor is OJ Simpson kept the knife he used to kill his ex-wife Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman and is now […]



Man Is Eaten By His Own Pigs

Oregon Investigators are rather confused towards how 69-year-old Vance Garner died at the hands of his own pigs.  Only very few parts of his body remand including his dentures and the rest had been consumed […]


Governor Chris Christie Visits "Fox & Friends"

Fox News Airs Carjacker Shooting Himself On Live TV

Fox News aired a live car chase in Phoenix Friday that ended with the suspect shooting himself. Shepard Smith was giving play-by-play of the car chase. The carjacking suspect got away from police, jumped out […]


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Katy Perry Devastated Over Ex Johnny Lewis’s Death.

When the tragic news hit that Son of Anarchy and The OC actor Johnny Lewis had died, we learned that Katy Perry  back in 2006 dated Lewis. This relationship went on for 18 months.  He was […]


Police Act On Tip On Whereabouts Of Jimmy Hoffa's Body In Suburban Detroit

Search For Jimmy Hoffa Is Over In Roseville

It has been a crazy few days in Roseville. Cops believe they may have found a driveway in Roseville, Michigan where Jimmy Hoffa is buried under. A man recently went to police claiming he witnessed […]


Olympics Day 12 - Athletics

Michigan Man Killed With Loaded Gun During Drinking Game

This is why you should never play with a loaded gun while you or anyone around you has been drinking. It’s one of the first rules they teach you when taking your CPL class. It […]



Her Husband Is Her Father!?

Sit down if you’re not already and I’ll hold your virtual hand as I walk you through this one. Sixty-year-old Ohio woman Valerie Spruill made a horrifying discovery after her husband Percy passed away: that […]



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