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[VIDEO] Kids React To The ‘Apple Watch’ And It’s Freakin’ Cute!

Thank God I have 2 kids because this video is so cute it’s going to make you want 39,729,872 of them. Plus, they’re talking about one of my favorite things…the “Apple Watch”.


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The Spice Girls Reunion Happened! [PHOTO]

The Spice Girls reunion we have all been hoping for already happened and we had no idea…until now!


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You Won’t Belive Which Celebrity Is Talking to 9 Guys On Tinder!

I have to say…I was super surprised when I found out this celebrity was not only on the popular “dating” app Tinder, but that she is also admitting to talking to 9 guys right now (good for her!).


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Jake Gyllenhaal Does What on a First Date and Was in a Boyband? [Video]

Jake reveals some hilarious secrets in an interview with Ellen!



VIDEO: Will It Blend? A Brand New Apple Watch Is Put To The Test!

Making an Apple smoothie is a great way to kill some time!

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