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Justin Bieber Is Finally Up To Some Good Mischief!

Justin Bieber gave a high school a night to remember!

22 hours ago

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Britney Spears Covered A Hit Song From the Early 90s – And It’s Not Bad!

See what dance spin Brit and Giorgio Moroder put on a 90’s classic!


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Wow! You Won’t Believe This Amazing 90’s Disney Mashup! [Video]

Ginuwine’s Pony mashed up with The Little Mermaid… uh?


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This Will Make You Want An Apple Watch!

Today is the official release of the new “Apple Watch” (of course, if you didn’t pre-order one you won’t see one until mid June) and Apple just released three new commercials that have me salivating.


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Happy 10 Year Anniversary YouTube! See the First Ever Video Uploaded!

Before the age of laughing babies, post wisdom teeth removal, Chocolate Rain, and Gangnam Style there was the first YouTube video, which made its debut 10 years ago today!