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The Worlds Happiest Animal

You thought your pet was cute?! Check out the  worlds happiest animal, Australia’s  Quokka!  CLICK HERE  

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Neighbors Are Angry With A Michigan Couple Who Have A Pet Deer

A Michigan couple is in some hot water for having a pet deer in their house. The deer’s mother was hit and killed by a car five years ago. As she was dying, she gave […]

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2014 Bridal Spring/Summer Collection - Oscar De La Renta - Show

MUST SEE: Women In Wedding Dress Chased By Dog!

So your wedding day, pretty much the day you dreamed of since you were a little kid. You probably played dress up growing up and pretended you had the most gorgeous wedding dress on! Finally, […]

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Medical Marijuana For Your Pets? One Doctor Says YES

Well we know plenty of people light it up for different medical reasons. Now there’s one doctor looking to help ease the pain in pets with medical marijuana. How crazy is that?! Veterinarian Dr. Doug […]

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"Lil Bub And Friendz" Tribeca Drive-In Screening - 2013 Tribeca Film Festival

VIDEO : Justin Timberlake “Cat And Tie” Parody

I’ve had a long day and it is only Tuesday! This made me laugh so I wanted to share with you.  Hope you are having a good week!  

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Meet The Great Dane Who Raised This Deer!

This is the sweetest thing I’ve read in a long time. I love animals, and I had just had to share this story with you. Back in June of 2008, Isobel Springett heard a fawn […]

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One Direction Fans Sending Death Threats To Liam’s New Puppy

Really Directioners?! This madness for your favorite boy band has got to stop! It seems that One Direction fans have beef with Liam’s new puppy! What did the puppy ever do to you? Liam just […]

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Dog Owner Kicked His Dogs And Forced Them To Drink Alcohol

Thankfully this man was arrested and charged with animal cruelty after being caught. This dog owner beat his dogs and then forced his pit bulls to drink alcohol!! This is just awful! A witness saw […]

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VIDEO: Can This Goat Sing Better Than Taylor Swift?

HAHAHAH I literally died laughing when I saw this! Poor Taylor! Get ready for it at about 12 seconds! Be honest though what version do you like better!?

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