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Bradley Cooper Breaks Up With Suki Waterhouse!Uh oh - trouble in paradise. Bradley Cooper and girlfriend Suki Waterhouse have broken up, story here. First off, am I the only one that didn't know these two were dating? Where in the world have I been? Not only have they been dating, but they've been dating for 2 years!!
Emma Stone Had A Sex Toy At The Oscars!I love Emma Stone. She's freakin' gorgeous and radiates that "girl next door" feel right? Like, I don't even want to make out with her...I just want to go to a bar with her because I know she'd be fun!
John Mayer Dances With Sharks And Bruce Jenner Allegedly Steals Kim K's LingerieI love that headline. It screams WHAT THE ____?!?
Dax Shepard Opens Up About Wife Kristen Bell's Difficult C-Section & Justin Bieber Offered Adult Film RoleBefore you start to get all hot and bothered about Justin Bieber doing adult films, I should probably tell you that he has yet to respond.
Coop's Celebrity Gossip - Tuesday, Jan 13, 2015Here it is - all you need to know in celebrity gossip for Tuesday, January 13:
Detroit Firefighters Create Viral 'Lions Nation' Song - Listen!GO LIONS!
Put Your Shopping On Auto Like Coop
The Top 50 Safest Cities in has come up with a list of the 50 safest cities in Michigan.
Amp Fan Riley Gets An Amp Radio Tattoo
There's a THIEF at AMP Radio...
We Got Razor Scooters at Amp Radio Now. Who's Gonna Bust Their Ass First?
B.o.B Talks Women, Music, And Morgan FreemanB.o.B visited the Buck and Coop show Tuesday on 98.7 Amp in Detroit to talk about life and music, including all the collaborations on his upcoming album. Morgan Freeman makes an appearance.