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Boobs Out: Women Recount Their Most Embarrassing Moment

(987 AMP) Picture this woman … She’s minding her own business, having a good time with the family at a water park, laughing, frolicking, splashing.

Then disaster strikes.

And her boob is out.

It happened on the surfboard ride at the Kalahari Waterpark.

We’re sure it’s happened before. In fact, 987 AMP Radio’s Julia has a sneaking suspicion that guys who decide “college just isn’t their thing” sit at water parks waiting to ┬ácapitalize on such a moment.

Another woman was sure she was looking super hot in a V-neck T-shirt when she was grabbing some male attention. She had a 7-10 minute conversation with a stranger at the gas station.

Based on the attention he was giving her, she assumed she was having a great-looking day.

“Wow, I must be looking good today, he was hitting on me pretty hard,” the woman recalled, laughing.

But no, her boob, it was out, cheerfully staring this strange man in the face.

Has this ever happened to you?



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