BREAKING: Kanye West Suffering From Memory Loss

Remember when Kanye West was hospitalized back in November for psychiatric observation? While his health is recovering, apparently a part of the puzzle was missing. According to Kanye’s longtime friend, Malik Yusef, he claims Ye suffered memory loss during the breakdown. Yusef spoke to Popsugar stating the following:

“Went to his house, I was gonna go last week but we couldn’t get together, he had some other stuff to do. But I went to his house, say down with him for about six, seven hours and just walked him through his health and recovery. His memory’s coming back. His memory’s coming back which is super good and just healing. [He’s] spending time with his family, Saint is getting big and walking and playing with toys. That invigorates him. [He’s] not working. He’s just going through processes.

We hope Kayne finds himself on a positive and healthy path for himself and his family!

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