Lea Michele Has Perfect Response to Mean Tabloid Story

Lea Michele will always be a theater kid at heart, so it comes as no surprise that she even performs dramatic readings of her tabloid stories.

The 30-year-old actress was presumably on the set of Scream Queens when her co-star John Stamos captured her on camera reading a particularly mean gossip story about herself in OK! Magazine.

Narrating the ‘story’ about her ‘breakup binges,’ Michele reads, “She’s been gorging on pastas and baked goods and blowing off her regular workouts.”

“She’s put on 10 pounds…oh my goodness!” she continues sarcastically. “It’s taken a toll on her self-esteem, and she’s caught in a vicious cycle of bingeing.”

Michele’s other Scream Queens co-star Emma Roberts then leans forward asking, “What are we gonna eat for lunch?!”

“Pasta and baked goods!” Michele quips in response.


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