Artists Launch Kickstarter to Make Kanye West Body Pillows

by Alyssa Pereira, CBS Radio San Francisco

San Francisco is often regarded as a hub of creativity and ingenuity. Its residents are crafty and thoughtful, and often, the products of their artistic endeavors are astounding.

Often, however, is not always. Recently, a Kickstarter launched in hopes of funding one such special case: the creation of the Kanye West body pillow.

The life-sized pillow is a casual Kanye, with his trademark cool sneakers, clean T, and empty gaze, and the group of artists who came up with the idea, the self-dubbed Brohaus Art Collective, want to hand-deliver the first model directly to West.

Just one caveat: they don’t have Kanye’s address or a way in.

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In any event, the Kickstarter currently isn’t faring too well. With only around $1,600 in in pledges thus far (with $1,500 coming from one single person), it’s likely that this campaign won’t reach its $20,000 goal.

Still, it’s a cute idea, and we can’t say we wouldn’t be interested in getting a pillow just for the selfies.

See the pillow on


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