Dad Records Daughter Taking A Ton Of Weird Selfies [Video]

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Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for UGG Australi

Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for UGG Australi

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A video surfaced on YouTube three days ago on the ‘Rumble Viral’ channel and it’s already at almost a half a million views. I have my suspicions with every viral video since Jimmy Kimmel tricked us all with his ‘Twerk Fail’ video.

Where was this video taken? First red flag, why is the Dad wearing a coat and winter hat? Red flag two, why are they jamming out to Passenger ‘Let Her Go’ still?

I loved that song, but come on Dad if you were really recording your daughter in the backseat taking #Selfies I’m sure she would’ve been listening to Austin Mahone or something!

Real or not this video is pretty hilarious! This girl takes a minute of weird #Selfies, while her Dad records it from the front seat. I get three or four clicks to make sure you got a good one, but damn, a minute of crazy weird pictures in your camera roll? This kid makes me not want to take another #Selfie again!

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