Kid Freaks Out After He Thinks His Dad Has Actually Stolen His Nose & Ear!

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(BARBARA SAX/AFP/Getty Images)

(BARBARA SAX/AFP/Getty Images)

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This one of the oldest tricks in the book!

The ol’ steal the ear and pretend it’s in your hand to freak out your kid. My dad always used to pull this on me when I was little and it always worked.

Unfortunately, this poor little fella thought his dad really took his ear and put it back on. He never checked though – you always gotta check little man! You can’t cry about it and then have him steal your nose five seconds later!

Pure innocence by this kid. Just playing with his parents before bedtime and he’s been hit with this traumatic experience he will probably never forget. Okay, now let’s laugh at his reaction because it’s too cute!

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