Nicki Minaj Posts ‘Anaconda’ Video Teasers, Confirms Drake Cameo

Drake alert! Nicki Minaj alert! New sneakers alert!

Yes, the three greatest things in the world collide in these stills from the “Anaconda” video, posted to Nicki’s instagram today (Aug. 18).

First and foremost, it’s worthy to note that Drake will be in the video. We repeat, Drake. Will. Be. In. The. Video.

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The only thing that’s for sure is that his lap will serve as a resting place for Nicki’s posterior, but that’s enough, isn’t it?

The two of them have the strangest chemistry: there’s something distinctly sibling-ish about their friendship and comfort level, yet they’re undeniably sexy. As certain as the constant revolution of the Earth around the sun is the fact that this video is going to rule.


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