This 4-Year-Old’s Reaction To Deleting A Photo Of Her Uncle Is Priceless

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Do you remember much from when you were four years old? Most of us didn’t have cell phones to capture every moment back in the day, but that’s not the case with this generation.

Five year old kids have Twitter account and parents are strapping Go-Pro’s to babies’ heads…it’s just the world we live in these days!

Well, four-year-old Candice was playing with her parent’s cell phone when she ‘accidentally’ and I use quotations because when you’re four, everything you do is on purpose, deleted a picture of her Uncle Dave.

Afterwards, she was immediately upset. Like ‘can’t get a candy bar from Wal-Mart’ upset.

Of course, like any father with a four year old, her dad whips out his camera and begins to ask poor little Candice what she has done. Maybe this was all an act and she really hates her Uncle Dave, but if so – great acting, little one!

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