Wake Up With Jacob Interviews Roxanne!

One of the things I love about my job as a radio host is getting to meet the listeners.  I love getting to interact with the audience that listens to me! Without you there is no me, and I’m very thankful for your friendship and support!

Usually, our conversations start on social media, or maybe we meet at an event like a concert or a Switch Party.  That’s how I met Jacob!  We first started chatting on Twitter and then he came out to an event where we met face to face.  Jacob and I share a deep love for music and Demi Lovato in particular.

Jacob has a new YouTube show called Wake Up With Jacob  and I actually suggested that he should interview me.  Naturally he thought it was a brilliant idea! As a DJ I don’t always get a whole lot of  ‘talk time’ on the radio and there’s a lot more of me that I would love the world to see!  Enjoy!

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