Who Are The Smartest Celebrities On Twitter? The List Might Surprise You!

Not everyone thinks before they tweet, but these people certainly do!

Time has compiled a list of the 50 smartest celebs on Twitter and the results might surprise you a bit!

According to their website, Time took the 500 most followed celebrities on the social networking site and ran their tweets through a comprehension test that ranks their reading levels from grades 1 through 12.

Here are the top ten and their reading level based on their tweets:

  1. Leonardo DiCaprio – 7.5
  2. Pattie Mallette – 7.3
  3. Jimmy Kimmel – 7
  4. Ludacris – 6.8
  5. Green Day – 6.8
  6. Samuel L. Jackson – 6.8
  7. Usher – 6.6
  8. JWOWW – 6.6
  9. Wyclef Jean – 6.5
  10. Jessie J – 6.5



Additionally, you can find out your own score and the scores of others by clicking HERE and typing in the username.

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