Conan O’Brien And Dave Franco Join Tinder, Things Get Awkward [Video]

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Steve Jennings/Getty Images for MerchantCantos

Steve Jennings/Getty Images for MerchantCantos


A recent Conan highlight shows Dave Franco and Conan O’Brien trying their hands at the dating app Tinder…and it got about as weird and crazy as you might imagine.

The first step was to make up a couple of alter egos, so Conan became ‘Chip Whitley’ while Dave decided on the more unique alias, ‘Jengus Roundstone.’

Then, the two built their profiles with fake ages and bios, but using their real photos, and the matches started pouring in…for Dave!

From there, the duo found a lovely young lady to meet up with (in their super creepy van), and hilarity and a lot of awkwardness ensued.

The segment might be a bit lengthy, but trust us when we say that it’s worth every minute! Check it out above and be prepared to laugh!

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