Throwback Thursday With Pitbull!

From Mr. 305 to Mr. Worldwide!  When Pitbull first hit the scene I was anxious to see the Latin rapper’s potential.  In the world of hip-hop and Top 40, not many rappers make it.  Pitbull has proven himself to be relevant with the changing times in music for over 10 years now!

Pitbull continues to grow in the music industry expanding his brand.  Last year, he hosted the 2013 American Music Awards and this year he’ll be hosting FOX’s New Years Eve show live from Miami!

Here’s what I love most about Pitbull’s music: when one of his songs comes on, you’re going to dance!  He brings the energy and the fun to every track he’s on!

We’re so excited for Pitbull’s upcoming tour with Enrique Iglesias Sept. 21 at The Palace. I’ve seen Enrique and he’s super sexy and incredible live! I’m looking forward to seeing Pitbull for the first time!  Maybe if I’m lucky I’ll get to meet him!  I just want to touch that bald shiny head!!

The dude has worked with EVERYBODY! He has so many hit songs! Let’s put Pitbull in the spotlight today for Throwback Thursday! Here’s a few of my favorites!

I loved this live performance of Pitbull from DWTS! He just owned it!

I love this song from Jennifer Lopez featuring PITBULL baby!

What’s your favorite Pitbull song? Share your thoughts below!


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